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click to enlarge SOLO DIVING, 2nd Edition: The Art of Underwater Self-Sufficiency
By Robert von Maier
128 pages, 5-1/2x8-1/2 inches, paperback
28 B&W photos, 4 charts, Glossary
Pub Date: December 2001
ISBN 1-881652-28-9
Price: $12.95

*What are seconds?

Solo Diving begins with an examination of the stengths and weaknesses of buddy system, and explains why some divers choose to dive alone. This volume then addresses what it takes to become a self-sufficient diver which includes a section on self-evaluation. Diving physiology and the importance of fitness are stressed and there is an excellent section of dive management guidelines which include dive planning rules, air management, air consumption, thermal protection, ascents and cold water/arduous dive considerations. Included is a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of the various emergency breathing systems available and how they affect self-rescue. The final section has comments of well known divers about solo diving. Contains information for all levels of diver.

Table of Contents

  • The Buddy System
  • The Self-Sufficient Diver
  • Diving Fitness and Physiology
  • Dive Management Guidelines
  • Emergency Breathing Systems and Self-Rescue
  • Glossary
  • Reference Materials
  • Index
About the Author

Robert von Maier has been diving for more than 25 years, and has logged over 5,000 dives and trained over 1,000 students to scuba dive. He is an instructor trainer and course director, and has written and taught courses in deep, wreck and staged-decompression diving. He is a co-author of Deep Diving: An Advanced Guide to Physiology, Procedures and Systems. He lives in Carlsbad, California.


"Solo Diving is a must-read for every diver who thinks they understand the sport of scuba diving."

-Richard Branning, marine biologist

"This is truly the only book that I feel confident recommending to anyone, regardless of their underwater experience."

-Dr. Stephen A. Lloyd, Physiologist

"Not only is this the most enlightened treatment of underwater self-sufficiency, it is the most relevant for today's divers. Solo Diving is a breath of fresh air."

-Marc Nickerson, Hyperbaric Technician

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